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2 Bubble Guns - 4 Bottles Bubble Solution

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Bubble Bundle: Featuring 4 bottles of bubble liquid and 2 high-speed bubble guns, the Whale Wonder Bubble Blowers from Fun Little Toys are brimming with bubble-themed party supplies. Create an atmosphere of wonder with hundreds of bubbles flowing from each blower per minute. Easy to Enjoy: Simply plug in the bubble solution to the bottom of each brightly-colored bubble gun, apply a small amount of pressure to the pressing trigger, and you’ll be enjoying a wonderland of bubbles. And no need to worry about any leaks, as these outdoor activity toys are designed to be leak-free and safe for play. Hours of Fun: Everyone enjoys a good bubble blowout. Kids especially will find no problems keeping entertained for hours with each of the fun, interactive Whale Wonder Bubble Blowers in this set. Parents, take a rest and let these summer toys do what they do best. High-Quality Bubble: High-quality bubble makers with certified non-toxic bubble liquid makes for premium playtime.